7 Amazing Health Benefits of Corchorus Olitorius Leaves


1. Decreasing Cholesterol Levels
Corchorus Olitorius leaves relates to a way to decrease cholesterol levels within your body with its pectin and fiber content. There have been many studies to examine how good cactus leaves benefits for health, especially in lowering cholesterol. Based on a research to 68 women in France, the researchers found the women experienced cholesterol decrease and triglyceride decrease within their body. Meanwhile, there was an increase in good cholesterol that is harmless for our body.

2. Curing Diabetes
Our body elevates blood sugar every time so it needs to keep in the normal level. If the level is high it can lead to some diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Consuming cactus leaves can help you control the level of your blood sugar so it will be a good intake for whoever suffering diabetes or obesity. The pectin and fiber inside the leaves can reduce blood sugar by lessening sugar absorption within the stomach. For type 2 diabetic patients, cactus leaves can help them reduce spike within the glucose levels. This will make the diabetic management easier.
Combining cactus leaves consumption with exercise can improve the sensitivity of your insulin that means the proper response from cell to insulin. This conclusion is gained from a study of animal that is published in 2013. Another result performed that a group of people eating diets with which added 5 percent cactus leaves by weight while taking swimming program had successfully decreased their blood sugar and speeded up insulin levels instead of the other group ate high-fat food and didn’t take workout.

3. Fighting against Cancer
Health benefits of cactus leaves are useful to help people from several serious diseases, notably cancer. Based on a study about the leaves there is a potential of cancer healing doe to its compounds. Cactus leaves are great sources of antioxidant that is crucial for cellular health and can cure dangerous cancer. It is extremely beneficial for improving the immune system when facing various cancers attack. The antioxidant compounds with flavonoids, phytochemicals, vitamin C and phenolic which are also good properties to fight against cancer. They work together by protecting your body from free radicals that is harmful and can lead to cancer and cardiovascular disease.
There has been dozens of laboratory tests about the health benefit of cactus leaves. In 2009 the scientists do a research about the effectiveness of cactus leaves on the cells of liver, breast, prostate and colon cancer. The properties in cactus leaf prevent the cancer growth without giving any negative effect to the healthy cells. Cactus leaves are also known found to have strong anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent cell from damage and function as an anticancer.

4. Boosting Digestion
Eating cactus is an effective way to help your body enhance the digestion process. Thanks to the high amounts of fiber, the digestive process becomes easier and the movement comes smooth. The leaves assist in decreasing cellulites and improving the ability to retain amounts of water within the body for speeding up the bowel movement. Hence, some bowl problems like constipation and diarrhea can be overcome due to the stimulus on the muscle along the bowl track. Moreover, excess fiber within the body actively functions to decrease cholesterol amount, thereby maintaining the health of your health as well.

5. Reducing Weight
If you are looking for an effective way to get rid of some kilos of your weight, then you need to rely on health benefit of cactus leaves. Cactus leaves contain important components that act as a diuretic. It contains numerous components that contribute well to your weight loss program. There is high fiber inside which can keep your stomach full longer and it can also inhibit the ghrelin release, a hormone that causes hunger. Besides, the cholesterol and saturated fat which are not good are very low in the pack. However, it brings metabolic potential that makes your body work at higher level while it doesn’t influence to weight increase. The existence of riboflavin and thiamin can make the function of your metabolism work quickly. This will boost the fat burning with the food transformation into beneficial energy.

6. Keeping Brain Cells Healthy
The next health benefit of cactus leaves relates to our cognitive function. As we know, cactus leaves brings anti-inflammatory properties that can help to decrease the brain damage caused by free radicals. Based on a study, querceitin, quercein 2-methyl and dihydroquercetin have been found effective to protect isolated brain cells of rat since they are active antioxidants. Thus, it is possible for cactus leaves to have such protective effect for brain through anti-oxidative activity of flavonoid. This means that the leaves can prevent the formation of any free radicals within brain cells.

7. Providing Anti-inflammatory Properties and Antioxidant Activity
Cactus leaves are proven to have anti-inflammatory properties which fight against burns within muscles, gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system and arteries. The study reported that there is bio-flavonoid quercetin within the leaves that function to neutralize compounds that can damage cell and work as analgesic with anti-inflammatory properties. Besides, there are also anti-ulcer components in the leaves which is useful to prevent edema and obstruct leukocyte migration.
Not only do cactus leaves contain anti-inflammatory but also it contains antioxidant activity. This statement is gained based on a research that was held in 2006. It is found that cactus leaves delivered strong antioxidant. High level of bioflavonoid quercetin in the leaves contributed to the ability to neutralize numerous immune molecules that can decrease the formation of free radicals.

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