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How to survive a snake bite: Says Expert

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Receiving a snake bite is an unsettling thought for most, and even more scary is the fact many people are clueless about what to do if the unlikely situation does occur.

Luckily, an expert from the Australian Reptile Park has revealed vital information that could help keep victims alive if they find themselves on the end of a venomous bite.

Ranger Mick Tate from the reptile park said one way to avoid a bite was to not approach or try to capture one, given that was when the majority of bites occurred.’Most snake bites in Australia occur killing or catching the snake that bites you, so if you’re not involved in either of those pursuits, there’s very little chance you’re going to get bitten,’ Mr Tate said.

In the rare even of sustaining a bite, Mr Tate said it was imperative the wound was not covered, sucked or tied with a tourniquet.

‘The method we use is a compression bandage, three or four times around the bite site, extend the bandage down to the end of the limb, (and) all the way back up to the axis,’ he said. There is adequate antivenom (pictured) available to treat every kind of snake bite, which means death from snake bites is rare
‘Stay nice and calm, stay still, into the ambulance and directly to hospital.’

He said there was adequate antivenom available to treat every kind of snake bite, which meant death from a snake bite was very rare.

‘They can only work is adequate first aid is carried out and transportation to hospital is immediate.’

As dryer weather makes way for wet, wintry conditions, people can become complacent and forget the importance of keeping their properties snake proof.

Mr Tate reminded people to be vigilant in areas snakes might find comfortable like in long grass and near dry bits of pipe and wood.

He recommended homeowners make their properties unpleasant places for snakes to be in by keeping grass well mowed and shifting stacks of wood away from the home.


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